2008 | Oil on Canvas | 750mm x 500mm

Zhangjiajie has recently become pretty famous for the scenery shown in the movie, Avatar, where they decided to erase the ‘bottoms’ of the quartz-sandstone pillars. Usually the mist/clouds cover the bottoms, but when I was there it was clear. In 1992 the area was made a UNESCO World Heritage Site. There were loads of tourists when I visited, but hardly any from the West amazingly. Maybe that has changed now. I posted some of my pictures on Flickr: http://www.flickr.com/photos/john0philip/tags/zhangjiajie/


    1. …well… I’m afraid I don’t know any Chinese. …yet.
      Had a look on Wikipedia which sheds a bit of light on the meaning:

      The three-character name (张家界) can be interpreted as follows: “Zhang” (张) is a common surname in China; “jia” (家) can be translated as “family”; and “jie” (界) can be translated as “homeland”, giving the completed translation of “Zhang family homeland.”

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