Montecasino Inside

Saturday 16th April was the 31st Worldwide Sketchcrawl. Six of us spent the day at Montecasino sketching. The day was cold and rainy, so it was good that we were able to sketch inside. My first drawing was of this little police car which I thought appropriate since we heard that the watercolour society was asked to pay R5000 to paint in Montecasino so we were all wondering if we would be asked to leave at some stage.

We then broke for some coffee, enjoying each other’s results afterwhich most went home. Cathy and I continued in the spirit of the “crawl”. I decided I seriously needed to practise my figure drawing. Well, they ended up being 5 second sketches of people hanging around near the cinemas. Very tiring! Human beings do not keep still. The results are a little embarrassing, but, got to swallow my pride!

fast drawings of people at Montecasino


The rain had stopped, allowing for us to grab the opportunity to brave the cold and squeeze in one more sketch. I think we speeded up considerably as the degrees dropped.

View of Montecasino entrance with water fountain



  1. I love the series of people studies, John – great postures and attitudes – and you’ve captured the strange sort of eerie indoor/outdoor feel of Montecasino in that first sketch perfectly. The liveliness of the last sketch could possibly be put down to teeth-chattering coldness, but it turned out beautifully!

  2. The ‘Polizia’ car is a new addition since I was there last, a long time ago. Certainly a fun scene! How lucky that you weren’t expected to pay such a ridiculous fee ! The figure sketches are nothing to be ashamed about. There is great expression in them and that is all one can hope to achieve with moving studies. I love the fountain pic too, perhaps the speed is why it has come across as loose and dynamic! Three good sketches, -well done!

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