The Towers

210mm x 280mm

I bought two new pens the other day which of course had to be tested out as soon as possible. My 0.1 Uni-pin pen was giving up on me so needed a replacement. So while browsing the local art shop,  I discovered Staedtler had a 0.1 pen, and it turns out too be waterproof which I’m extremely happy about.

Recently I came across The Pen Addict website and was reminded of the beautiful Pilot V5 Hi-Tec pens I was so crazy about back in my schooldays. I had to buy it, seen as though my 0.5 Uni-pin also gave up on me not too long ago. (Really didn’t like that uni-pin one much). The Pilot is remain as good as I remember it!  …except – the ink is not water resistant! :-(

Overall my favourite is still the 0.3 Faber Castell “Ecco Pigment”.



Don’t know what this drawing is about. Once again, maybe some comments will help me out?


  1. I love your fantastical drawings John – this could also be a biblical scene like the Nebuchadnezzar one? – you could do a wild and whacky illustrated old testament! Good to have your reviews of the pens too.

  2. Dad is thinking of a story, :) in the mean time we are enjoying the detail and curious parts of this drawing. We think Dad should make stories and you should illustrate them :) Very good !!! Pen looks good too !

  3. I think it is about the Fairview Wine Estate! They have towers just like that, and even have the scary looking reptiles right behind the towers!

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