This morning the Joburg Sketching group ventured off to paint one of our regulars, Barbara Moore’s house, which they’re soon to be moving out of. So I decided I need to do some oils for a change and tackled the little garden cottage by the pool. I actually sat just inside for fear of it raining which thankfully it didn’t. Thought the little bird seed house was a fun addition. Looks a little like its floating in the painting.

Check out the other results from the day’s sketches:


  1. John thank you so much for giving us this precious portrait of “the little house outside the big house” – what a marvelous title! I so enjoyed having you and Joburg Sketchers over to my home and it was very special that you appreciated our old home and enjoyed the day too….it is very warming to share something you love with friends. I had a lovely day and will get my own sketches up on my blog today! Barbara

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