Sketching Mandela Bridge

We parked at the Catholic church and walked down the road toward Nelson Mandela Bridge. My first sketch shows the the road leading to the bridge.

Looking down Bertha Street towards Nelson Mandela Bridge
216 x 280mm

The next sketch was far more intense. Try to grasp the perspective lines, the joins in the railways, which train belongs to which track… Would have been great fun in oils actually. But a little awkward spot for that.

View of the railways from Nelson Mandela Bridge
216 x 280mm


Joburg Sketchers gathered at Nelson Mandela Bridge
Some of my fellow Joburg Sketchers gathered at Nelson Mandela Bridge

It was already around midday and some went home, but some of us needed MORE! …so we walked around quite a bit until Barbara spotted a stairwell on the corner of an office block which looked to have a view of Nelson Mandela Bridge. After going up and down the office block, being told by security we couldn’t get there, refusing to accept that, we eventually found an open door to level 4 parking lot! :-)

Looking out from an office block at Nelson Mandela Bridge
216 x 280mm


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  1. Great work on these…. they remind me of some works by David Gentleman in the 1970’s – I think the Mandela bridge is such a beautiful structure drapped over the graffitied and rusted trains…. lovely :)

  2. Great sketches and a super photo John – it was fun! I feel like going back to do it all differently, but glad we finally got to draw the bridge.

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