Pen & Watercolour Drawing of St Francis of Assisi Anglican Church

St Francis of Assisi - Anglican Church

St Francis Anglican Church

15th October 2011 was the 33rd Worldwide Sketchcrawl. We decided to explore Parkview this time beginning with a general street scene. I decided to remove all the cars parked along the street.

Pen and Watercolour drawing of a Parkview Corner Street Scene
Parkview Street Scene

I then moved on to a scene of the library exit. Had running commentary from a lady selling pottery on the street next to me. She was convinced the selling point for her pottery was its strength, which she repeatedly demonstrated to unsuspecting pedestrians by actually walking on her bowl, plates …etc !

Watercolour and pen of the exit from the library in Parkview
Road exit from the Library

We then moved on to try capture the colour of the fruit and flower market. This time resisting the temptation to whip out the pen.

Watercolour painting sketch of Tyrone Fruitery
Parkview Fruitery

The final sketch was at the Anglican church property which was quieter and cooler so though to go for a more carefully planned drawing. We were entertained this time by choir rehearsals inside the church.

Pen & Watercolour Drawing of St Francis of Assisi Anglican Church
St Francis Anglican Church


Photo of fellow sketchers at work.
A view of the church with Alan and Cathy sketching.

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  1. Nice to see these bigger and all together – funny about the potter walking on her plates :D! The artist who was painting that I sketched was sitting to the right of the brooms that you drew in the top one – his painting leaning against a tree – maybe you didn’t spot him in the shadows after looking into this bright light… Lovely sketches, it was a good sketchcrawl!

  2. I was a bit frustrated looking at the sketches as they appeared on the Joburg Sketcher’s photo album from this sketchcrawl, because no-one signed their drawings!!! I hope that can be corrected at the next :)
    I like the church sketch very much. It seems that you are a little lost without your pen, as evident in the fruit market sketch :) but it is colourful all the same. They are all good drawings, and it really was a successful sketchcrawl with enough time to try several scenes. Well done ! Looking forward to the next :)

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