Prussian Green

Some time ago I bought someones old collection of watercolour palettes (ice cube trays) with lots of paint still in them at a bargain sale. Of course I was not interested in the palettes, but the paint left in them. One of the colours I transferred to my pallette was Prussian Green – which I’ve never used before. So naturally I had to test it out and I love it!

I discovered my friend from India thought this was a “shark” mascot after we watched the super rugby match between the Bulls and the Sharks. Maybe he was referring to the one on the right – although the Bulls did give them a bit of a hiding.

And this is a pic of the transfer.


  1. I love it… this is what I think is Happening…

    (colourful new recruit wants to become a “Big Bad Bird” but, can’t help being so cheerful with all the colour on him)

    Big Bad Boss Bird: “Get over here you little good for nothing blob of feathers! Where have you been, and why are you smiling! Rule number 1 for being a Big Bad Bird is to be Big! We will work on that, but Rule number 2 is to NOT SMILE!!! So Stop IT!”

    Colourful Cute Recruit: “Hello Boss…. lovely day isn’t it! Don’t be soooo sad… why you so sad!…. you want a hug? I love giving hugs!”


    love the pic John!

  2. No wonder the big bird is angry,he is quite colourless, pity his pallette didn’t receive a splash of Prussian Green too ! Love the cartoon, and glad the transfer of the green went well :) What about the other colours?

    1. Thanks. Well, I only had one spare spot left so I’ll have to do a lot of painting before I free up another place.

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