Northcliff Water Tower

Northcliff Water Tower

Saturday the 24 September we went sketching up on Northcliff Hill.

The view of Johannesburg was amazing up there, but we ended up going around the back to try get out of the wind as it was really really cold! (Having dressed for another hot summer day.) We only lasted until around midday until it became too much and we moved on to a coffee shop in Parkhurst. At which point I couldn’t really find anything inside that inspired me (after a miserable attempt at drawing the people inside) so I drew the salt and pepper!

Satellite DishesNorthcliff Water TowerSalt and Pepper


Check out Barbara and Cathy’s sketches on the day:

Barbara sketching at Northcliff Hill
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Cathy sketching Joburg and the Northcliff water tower.
Cathy’s sketches on the day can be seen on her blog post here: A Sketch in Time