Kwazulu Natal Waterfalls

Howick Falls

Howick Falls | 50cm x 30cm | September 2011

Here is a small oil painting I did yesterday of the Howick waterfalls. We stayed over in Howick when Charles and Jan got married in January 2010. Dad and I went to see the falls and I took some pics there which I used for reference here.

Generally I’m not one who consiously thinks much about technique much when I paint, but sometimes one needs to force oneself, so I decided to try limit my pallette which was a big challenge. No blues! Here is also a few pics of the process. Of course the blank canvas is the most intimidating bit of all. I chose a small size so I could make sure to finish it in a day.



  1. Very well done John! I do like it, love the fact the picture is such a high quality that you can see the canvas texture!

  2. WOW! The technique on that size with THAT medium is brilliant!!! At first glance, knowing the size, I could have sworn you used pastel crayons(sharpened)!?


  3. Wow John, that is great, and so quick too !! Well done, it is a lovely picture !!!!!!!!!! I particularly like the composition and the horizon line trees. The water too, has that lovely lightness of the spray and tumbling fall. I am sure you will sell this :) It’s excellent!

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