Jonah and the Big Fish and the Worm

Well, I won’t tell you “where & when” I drew this little drawing. Simply to say that Craig (our church leader) preached a terrific sermon on the last chapter of Jonah last Sunday(20 March 2011). I’ve heard many many many messages on the book of Jonah and this has to be one of the best […]



Danger at Sea

Ideas seldom arrive in their complete fullness when I start out a drawing of this sort. Mostly I have no idea what I will create. As one works, the ideas flow, a break for tea, then a return for a fresh look and more to add. So the order of creation ran something like this: […]



Painting of the seaside at Skoenies

An oil painting of the ocean view from Schoenmakerskop (Schoenies), off the beautiful Port Elizabeth coastline. I actually took the reference photos back in 2008 and have been wanting to do a decent sea painting for a while now. It was a new challenge which I thoroughly enjoyed and certainly plan to do more in […]